Park News

It has come to my attention, that Mr. Alfie Best, of Wyldcrest Homes, has recently made some acquisitions, in Cornwall. Six Parks to be exact, Glenlea, Little Trelower, Ottersham, Rose in the Bush, the Travellers Rest and Valley View, and I have to say will it be a “happy marriage”.

Some of you will know, some won’t of course, that Alfie Best was interviewed by the select committee at Westminster, with our own Park Owner, with his Son & Manager, the Father has since died. This meeting was brought by the Government to look into the affairs of these two Park Site Owners, to account for their behaviour in the running of their businesses. I will for the moment not go into any more detail, but I will find the transcript of the meeting and what duly happened at this event. You will/can then make your own judgement of these two Park Site  Owners, I just thought I would let you know that Wyldcrest Homes are afoot in Cornwall.

I will be back soon with more info.