Hello everyone, I bet you are all wondering what is going on. Well  I (Chairperson)  resigned, I will not go into any great detail but just to say that, I feel I was stabbed in the back. By people I thought were my colleagues & friends, what this now means for the Forum, I do not know. There are now only 5 committee members, instead of 9, there could be as well now, an associate member. We only had briefly 9 members any way for very short periods, it then went down to 8 and had been running for some time with only 7. We had tried many times unsuccessfully to fill the gaps, so it’s now 5. I have heard nothing from them, apart from excepting my resignation.

I have to go for now, but I will return soon with some more info, sorry I have kept you waiting this long. DC. 24/03/15.

15/04/2015, yes I know it’s been awhile since my last post, this one will be my last. My wife is begging me not to write to much, just in case it causes me (us) problems. She is right of course, so I will be careful what I state. I had been waiting for a critique, of myself, to appear on a certain site, it did appear but was taken down within hours. Fortunately or for that matter, unfortunately, it depends from which perspective you are looking at it, it’s maybe a good thing it was removed, I did not see it though, so that is where it will stay, out of sight.

The Forum was formed in June 2014, by December 2014, my wife was nagging me to get out of it, I though wanted to see it through, at least for the first year, after all, I had been in it from its inception in  2013. Yes I had thought of leaving sooner myself but as I said, I wanted to be there for the first year at least.

Like the May 2013 Park Homes Act, I really thought this Forum, dreamt up by Cornwall Council, was a good idea, a real helping hand just for Cornwall Park Home Residents. Events though, soon overtook me, straight after the 9th February 2015 Open Meeting,  which led to me resigning in March.

Thats it from me, just one last thing though, 9th of February 2015 Open Meeting, what a great meeting, that was a highlight during my 8 months as Chairperson, a well run meeting from me and some great speakers with also good interaction from them.

This Website belongs to me (DC) and not the Forum, so no other posts will be put up by them, the Forum.

It  just leaves me to say bye for now, also to say I was glad to be your 1st Chairperson of The Cornwall Park Homes Forum. DC.