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General Information

This is where we will enter infomation, which you the Public (Residents) would like to see that concerns Park Home Living. Please be careful of Libel content, but it will be filtered.

There are lots of stories of bad management in this Park Home Industry, some of it real shocking, this at a time in our lives, when we have retired. We buy these Park Homes because we should be having tranquil times, most of these Parks are in the depth of the countryside, with our Parks fully maintained, after all part of our pitch fee should be going towards site maintenance, with us Park Home Owners, just looking after our small gardens, just to keep us that little bit agile.

I have here in front of me 2 Park Home issues, from different Sites, one seems trivial but it’s not & the other is real important. I will deal with important one first, serious Gas non compliance issues, mainly regarding the contractor installing piping I believe to homes, plus there being no airflow underneath the homes, everyone should have sufficient air flowing underneath their homes, this stops the build up of gases that may occur and dry rot etc etc, it is important. Again site management does not want to know & it appears neither the site owner, this I am hoping will be dealt with by Cornwall Council’s relevant department.

The next issue you might think is a non starter, it concerns dogs. The old rules on the Park allowed for just one dog, but the particular dog owner has ignored the rules and for the past 4 years has kept 2 dogs, both of which are unruly, continually barking. The site owner tried to have the issue dealt with in court but failed. Now the person has got another dog (3) so the noise etc will get worse as time goes by. The important thing here is though, the site rules, new site rules which have been agreed by all & duly lodged with Cornwall Council. In these rules, (yes you’ve guessed it) only 1 dog per home, not 3, so what is the point in having these new rules if they are not being followed. The Park owner is just not interested, is still away on his winter holiday in New Zealand, plus no one acting as his manager, until he returns I believe in March. New Rules, yet straight away being ignored, not just by the pet owner, but the Park Owner as well. So the complainant will be in touch with Cornwall Council, what will they do?.

More to follow soon.